Top Five Things to Look for in an Adhesive Manufacturing Company

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Top Five Things to Look for in an Adhesive Manufacturing Company.webp

Glue, tape, and adhesives have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Whether its agriculture and food grade, woodwork or product development, these are just some of the businesses that rely on sticky applications to aid packaging requirements and run industrial assembly lines smoothly.

One thing is sure; each industry is different and requires customized adhesive products to complete processes. An adhesive manufacturing company works with customers to determine their requirements and then custom designs a solution to maximize the benefits.

Sadly, some vendors can’t formulate the right strength or volume, which could lead your business to come unstuck. This makes finding an adhesive company you can stick with essential for your success. To help you tide over the challenge of finding a competent adhesive partner, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in an adhesive manufacturing company.

1. Location.

Location, Location, Location! Yes even in the adhesive manufacturing industry finding partners that are nearby, can be advantageous so that you can get your deliveries faster and develop better relations. Also, the more you support local businesses, the more you will find they will reciprocate and recommend your services to others in the local area.

2. Reputation.

Checking online reviews and contacting customers to get references, will give you a strong indication if a vendor is worth their salt and their reputation commands respect. Finding out how punctual they are with delivering orders and the quality of their product range is of utmost importance.

3. Cost.

Cost is always a determining factor. The price has to be right and provide real value. After all, you are in the business of making money, so you have to watch what you spend and keep overheads to a minimum. At the same time remember that too cheap can be very expensive in the long run. If the adhesive does not do the intended job of bonding things together, it is deemed worthless.

4. Service.

Make sure the company provides excellent service on all levels. If you’ve done your due diligence and are happy with aspects such as the delivery time, cost, and reputation then you’re halfway home. You could telephone or pay a visit to understand how polite and courteous their team is and understand the level of training that they have received in dealing with pressure situations.

5. Flexibility.

There are times when you need products delivered immediately. Having a flexible vendor that is willing to provide service at short notice is necessary. If it is a real urgency, you could even call up a few of your customers to suggest a local partner that can deliver efficiently and effectively.

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