Adhesive Manufacturing Company in California

Adhesive Products Inc. is an Adhesive Manufacturing Company that manufactures many types of glues, adhesives, and coatings for packaging and product assembly.

Adhesive Products Inc. (API) was founded in 1878 in San Francisco, California and has been the forefront on setting industry standards, decade after decade. API rigorously focuses on quality, service, and production development. We provide critical components for manufacturers across North America. These products are manufactured with domestic and imported ingredients.

Our production line includes of many types of glues, adhesives, and coatings for packaging, product assembly, graphic arts, theatrical, woodworking, paper converting, and many other applications for the business and consumer markets. We also manufacture and sell packaging tapes, custom printing tapes and adhesive coated labels and tags for a myriad of applications.

Adhesive Products Inc. excels in working with our customers to first determine their requirements and then to custom design a solution to maximize their benefits. Custom formulating and design for each application for large or small volume applications is one of our strengths.

More on Our History

Shortly after the turn of the century, the company expanded into manufacturing adhesives and adhesive coated packaging tapes. Over the years, Adhesive Products Inc. has become, and will remain, a family operated business. In 1934 Paul W. Shattuck, purchased the company and with his son’s assistance, William L. Shattuck, they began to expand the company through acquisition and new product development.

In 1953 Adhesive Products Inc. purchased Atwood Adhesives, which is a wholly owned subsidiary specializing in water based adhesives and protein cake glues. In mid fifties Adhesive Products Inc. purchased custom printed pressure sensitive label manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA. So now the company has three plants to service the West Coast.

By 1972, Paul C. Shattuck joined Adhesive Products Inc., the company had expanded its marketing area beyond the Rockies to the Midwest and Eastern US markets, as well as International markets. In 2007 Trish Shattuck joined the growing line of Shattuck’s to work with Adhesive Products Inc. With her arrival, API has increased our use of technologies and marketing resources to continue the company’s expansion. And in 2010, Tim Shattuck decided to share his expertise in the sales of our family’s products. For over 130 years our company has taken pride in its commitment to quality and excellence and we look forward to an exciting, bright future.

Adhesive Products Inc. - California's adhesive manufacturing company.

We serve clients all across North America including California, Washington, Oregon, and Baja California - Tijuana & Mexicali.