What Makes Adhesive Products Inc. Stand Out

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About Adhesive Products Inc.

We are a fourth generation family owned and operated company and have been in business for over a hundred years. We have around fifty employees at our three manufacturing plants, and operate five days a week from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, but we have been known to stay open later to ensure our clients get their products in emergencies.

We work with many industries, within the packaging industries, but we always welcome new inquiries and new challenges in new and existing markets within the adhesive realm. Currently, our product line includes many types of adhesives, coatings for packaging, product assembly, graphic arts, theatrical, woodworking, paper converting, and many other applications for the business and consumer markets. We also manufacture and sell packaging tapes, custom printing tapes, and adhesive coated labels and tags for a myriad of applications.

During the past one hundred and forty years of our existence, we’ve successfully weathered the storms that have come our way. Our biggest strength and most enduring quality has been our ability to adapt to situations, which has ensured our lasting success. We never know who is going to call us and ask for a solution that may seem absurd, but we’ve learned to be prepared and deliver a solution. We have also changed with the times, and the markets. We are continually trying to develop new technologies and streamline our production. The better we can serve our production team, the better we serve our customers.

The Adhesive Products Inc. Difference

We are based on the west coast of the U.S. but have many customers across North America as well as overseas. Our ability to attract clients is largely because we have developed multiple specialized adhesives that have been very successful and have solved many of our customers’ production issues.

As a customer-oriented company, our focus is on quality products at competitive prices. Adhesives are a tiny part in most manufacturing facilities, and most likely one of the lower cost items they purchase. However, when you try and cut corners to save a few pennies, there is nothing more expensive than a low-cost adhesive that doesn’t work. We offer superior customer service and have a dedicated staff to ensure the right products are used and offered at the right price. We strive to get our customers to use less, and get more!

When companies choose to work with us, they do so for a very long time. We have a minimal turnover in our customer base due to high-quality products, an excellent R&D team, sales professionals who truly understand their customers’ needs, and a production team that allows us to respond when it counts.

Apart from offering high-quality products that save our customers’ money on equipment costs, and downtime due to shutdowns, we can develop new products and can custom formulate to run on a customers’ equipment for their needs. In addition, we have fast turnaround times during peak seasons, and our production team works seamlessly to increase our output and efficiency.

Our ability to adapt and outsmart our competitors has paved our route to success over the past century, and we’re sure we will move forward with solutions to the demands of our customers that will see API thrive for another hundred years.

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