Adhesives Products Inc offers waterborne adhesives and hot melt adhesives for anti-skid, breakaway, and palletizing applications.

Typically, a customer can significantly reduce product breakage in the plant and in transit by using a palletizing adhesive. Further, you should be able to dramatically reduce or eliminate the use of stretch wrap film by using a palletizing adhesive.

We offer products with a limited amount of tack that offer a high resistance to slippage.

Consider using a "Breakaway Glue" which dries hard, offering no tacky surface which could create a dirty retail package or cause excessive fiber tear on the bottom of a carton or case. These products have strong horizontal shear strenght but are weaklings when hit with a vertical pull which allows them to cleanly "breakaway" with little or no fiber tear.

If one needs a more agressive grab, we have palletizing adhesives which stay sticky and give very little fiber tear.

If you need a strong, sticky grab Adhesive Products Inc can give you a palletizing glue which is VERY sticky and which will tear fiber.

We have palletizing glues from normal ambient conditions, high heat, frozen foods, long open times, slow drying, fast drying, whatever you need!